Non-Covered Items

The following items (not all inclusive) are classified as Non-Covered Items for Medical Assistance, per the MHCP manual.

Air conditioners

Bathroom scales

Bathtub wall rails

Beds – oscillating and lounge beds, bed baths and lifters, bed boards, tables and other bed accessories

Blood glucose analyzer – reflectance colorimeter

Car seats, standard use

Cervical roll or pillow


Control units and battery device adaptors

Dehumidifiers – room or central

Diathermy machines

Disposable wipes – including Attends wash cloths

Disposable ice packs/disposable heat wraps

Elevators and stair lifts

Enuresis or bed-wetting alarms

Environmental products (air filters, purifiers, conditioners, hypoallergenic bedding and linens)

Exercise equipment

Food blenders

Grab bars

Heat and massage foam cushion pads

Home security systems

Household equipment and supplies such as ramps, switches, tableware and feeding instruments

Humidifiers – room type or central

Hygiene supplies and equipment, including hand held shower units and shower trays, and dental care supplies and equipment

Incontinence undergarments (including pants to wear with pads)

Instructional materials (e.g., pamphlets and books)

Isolation gowns, surgical gowns and masks

Magnifying glasses

Massage devices

Medical alert bracelets and response systems

Medical supplies defined as drugs

Menses products (e.g., sanitary pads)

Motorized lifts for a vehicle

Orthopedic mattresses

Personal computers and printers, tape recorders or video recorders

Pulse tachometers



Reading glasses

Saline or other solutions for the care of contact lenses

Table foods

Telephones, telephone alert systems, telephone arms or answering machines

Tennis/gym shoes

Thermometer covers

Toothbrushes and toothettes



White canes for the blind