santa“Tis the Season for a gift of a Lift Chair”

During the Holiday season, it is a wonderful time to reflect on what you are thankful for and to share the “gift of giving” with your loved ones.  

During the winter months, many get comfortable in their favorite chair, and enjoy some of their favorite things (watching TV, enjoying a movie, reading a book, visiting with family and friends, or even just taking a nap).  For anyone that spends a lot of time in this chair, comfort is the number one goal.  This “comfort” also includes getting up…from that spot.  

For any senior that may need assistance when getting in or out of a chair, a LIFT chair should be the next “upgrade” to their favorite recliner.  This also makes great sense when needing to spend money on improving their health care needs with managing any type of “spend down”.  The best purchases are for those products that your loved one will utilize and benefit from.   

For someone that may spend a lot of time at home, alone, this is also a great way to provide comfort and safety for their transferring needs.  It is also becoming more common for people to use their “chair” for sleeping at night instead of their actual bed.  Some sleep better in an upright position or need support for positioning.   A lift chair can provide many different benefits that make sense for each user. 

Other benefits of lift chairs:  lowers the risk of injury, provides a sense of comfort & independence, and even gives care givers a “break”.  

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